Hyper Animals

Hyper Animals asked us to give our vision about their universe.
We recreate a mystic world where a star dust rain made the beast happen.
The beginning is coming.

Direction and Production: South and Island
Sound Design: Echolab
Client: Hyper Animals

Enhanced visuals
for entertainment culture.

We rely in the power of design
to tell stories and beautiful experiences.

Based in Madrid, South and Island is an art direction studio devoted to beauty in motion.
We incubate, invest and enhance visuals to deliver experiences that engage and inspire.
Our set of skills spans design, moving image, interaction or film.  

We solve both design and communication problems with an eye for the visual impact, crafting standout visual content to ensure our work sticks out from the crowd in any kind of media. Regardless of the size of the project or the scope of the campaign. 

We’re going after being as good as anyone out there in terms of storytelling and digital experiences for entertainment culture.  And we work hand in hand with our clients and partners to achieve so. We champion collaboration as the only way to a truly great job.

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